The Nightdriver

This is an excerpt from the live performance and installation at Tracy Williams gallery. The recording is a little wandering (quite literally) as Anna Craycroft moves around the space. Some text is lost but the ambience is there.

Anna Craycroft invited me to perform as part of her wonderful show at Tracy Williams gallery.

Here is the text from the press release:

10 January – 31 January 2009
SAT 10 Jan: 2pm. + 4pm. Ohad Meromi WED 21 Jan: 7:30pm. Tara Mateik
WED 14 Jan: 6 - 8pm. Pablo Bronstein SAT 24 Jan: 2:30pm. + 4:30pm. Alex Waterman
SAT 17 Jan: 2pm. + 4pm. Jill Magid WED 28 Jan: 8pm. Felicia Ballos

Staging the Phenomenal Character is an exhibition organized by Anna Craycroft featuring a series of performances and a set of installed works. Over the run of the show, there will be six days of performance events and a gradual accumulation of six installations. Each performance is the work of a different artist: Felicia Ballos, Pablo Bronstein, Jill Magid, Tara Mateik, Ohad Meromi, and Alex Waterman. The resulting installations are all by a single artist: Anna Craycroft. Craycroft structured this exhibit to spotlight each component individually. The performances will take place at the gallery on Wednesday evenings or Saturday afternoons from January 10th through the 28th. In the days following each performance, Craycroft will install a new work. This cumulative installation will be on view during the daytime hours of the gallery (11am-6pm) January 13-31st when the performances are not in session.

The performances included in the program are dynamic and diverse. Ballos’ dance Born Under Saturn will be performed by 6 women who mirror a live musical score to gradual distortion and misunderstanding. Bronstein will present Vitrine a performance instruction for general use in exploring theatrical body languages. Magid will stage readings with guest actors from her two books exploring the emotional and philosophical conflicts between “protective” institutions and individual identity: Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy and T he Book Under Glass ( working title). Mateik’s Men With Missing Parts will resurrect Dorothy as a transgender Diana Ross impersonator in a sendup to the fantastical “realness” of The Wizard of Oz. For T he Meromi Method, Scenes of Static Arrest: Eight Dramaturgical Sculptures, Meromi will conduct the audience through the gallery, transforming these passive viewers into actors and sculptures. In The Night Driver (2009) Waterman’s live musical performance and its(re)broadcast will travel back and forth to one another across the rooms of the gallery as a message; receiving without ever being re-united.

The phenomenal character of an experience is a philosophical classification identifying what it is like subjectively to undergo an experience. In her installed works Craycroft wonders about the impact an experience leaves behind,
specifically relating this thought to each of the six performances. Her simple and spontaneous installations will mimic the ringing in your ears the days following a loud concert, or the after-image that seems burned on youreyelids from a flash of lightening.

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Installation view: book, transmitter, radio
Alex performing from Tracy's office
Room 1
Anna's rising moon